Downsizing big house small house

Downsizing – Are you ready for the reality?

Kids gone? Are you rattling around in your big family house? Is it taking a lot of effort and money to keep the house spic and span? Do you want to move closer to your family or the coast or the countryside? Downsizing by selling your property house in Wirral?

Maybe now is the right time to consider downsizing.

Downsizing is more than selling your property and moving to somewhere smaller, we think it’s a complete mindset shift. Yes the idea that you can sell your, often mortgage free, home and pay cash for a smaller property is immensely appealing but often the reality of living in a physically smaller space has not been thought through.

What often happens with people moving up the property ladder is that need more space so buy a bigger house, move all of their belongings with them and also buy more – thereby filling their new, bigger house straight away and not noticing the benefits of the space they now have.

Unfortunately, the same can be said with downsizers! We recommend using the Rule of Four before you move.

The Rule of Four

  1. Keep it – if it will work in your new home then obviously keep it. Try to avoid buying something new until you’ve moved in and see how your existing possessions work in situ.
  2. Sell it – Facebook market place is expanding rapidly and is an easy and cheap way to sell those unwanted items, eBay is always a good bet too.
  3. Donate it – You can use local neighbourhood social media channels to offer stuff for free. It saves you time, money and effort in making tip runs too!
  4. Bin it – if it really doesn’t fit into any of the three categories above then the last resort is to throw it away. If it’s really beyond repair then you may have no other option.

Downsizing – Are you ready for the reality?

Downsizing can be emotionally draining and difficult. Keep your family and friends in the loop and seek their opinions when you need to make difficult decisions. Allow yourself time to look through every item before making your decision and aim to make the whole process stress free!

If you are thing of downsizing by selling your property in the Wirral, click here to contact us to discuss your options or just to seek advice on what may be the best decision for you.